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Wedding and Special Events Planning

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Weddings & Special Events

For a short while or along your entire journey, we offer multiple services to fit all of your event needs.



Full planning

Looking for complete guidance, every step of the way? We can help! From the moment you say "yes!" to the day you say "I do," you will have a designated planner to keep you informed, give you ideas, suggestions and recommendations, coordinate your vendor needs and handle everything that goes into making your event come to life. Our full planning package includes an initial consultation and day of event execution. 

Partial Planning

You know what you're doing.... somewhat! Though, need an extra hand on the final details and day of execution? We offer month of planning and day of services to make sure all your planning comes together seamlessly in the end!

Day of planning

It's the big day and you don't want to do all the work yourself? Of course you don't! Let us make the day of your event a breeze with on-site execution.


Pick our brains! We have spent many years acquiring the knowledge and learning the ins and outs of event planning A-Z and we are willing to share. Consulting sessions may be booked by the hour, starting with a 2 hour session minimum. You can call on us again and again throughout your planning process if needed. 


Cancellations & Refunds

We definitely want you to love us! So, we will give you the opportunity to cancel our services during a certain time period if you are not happy with us. As planners, we work very closely to plan and execute your even. We want to be sure that we have a great working relationship that is pleasant and enjoyable every step of the way! Cancelation and refund periods may vary per service, so please refer to your contract for details.