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Copper Tones and Minimalist Vibes

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

Seems to be trending that all our Hacienda de las Palmas couples have impeccable taste!

Jordan and Loyd wanted to make sure the guest experience was an intimate celebration, even with a guest count of 200+. The guests were all seated at long wood communal farm tables. Bride and groom sat amongst their guests at the communal tables rather than a separate sweetheart table (and even though we LOVE sweetheart tables, we also loved the importance they put on their guests and really enjoying all the people who had come to celebrate their union). They were married under the chuppah, honoring their culture, religion and families as they became one.

This one was exciting to create. My flower moods change more than the seasons, but give me copper tones, pure whites and pops of geometric greenery any day and I am a happy girl. As we built the installation for the chuppah on site, I realized that the in person version of this was even more bomb than what I had envisioned in my head and sketched out!

Fun fact: It poured the entire day. From morning until cocktail hour… It was a rough set up but the saving grace was how calm and collected our bride and groom were. They could see the weather was not ideal, though they trusted their vendors and ultimately us to make sure things would be okay. We had to make a weather call and move ceremony to a covered patio area. And then… right when we needed it most, the clouds parted, the sun came out and their cocktail hour and reception happened as if there was never a drop of water in sight that day. Call is karma or good luck, either way - these two totally deserved the beautiful wedding day they had!


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